About Our Property Management Services

KRS Holdings has been headquartered in Richmond, Virginia for more than 10 years. Serving the Richmond, Tidewater, and Northern Virginia regions, we specialize in management services for residential properties, as well as in services for investment property owners in real estate management, leasing, contract administration and accounting.

We are one of the few property management companies in Virginia that focuses exclusively on property management. Our staff of licensed real estate agents devotes all of its time to managing our clients’ properties and are not distracted by trying to broker real estate.

KRS Holdings manages over 1200 properties in the Richmond and Tidewater regions. Whether your rental is in an affordable neighborhood or a high end one, we bring the same passion to each of our clients; that passion is to help owners manage their properties efficiently and maximize the return on their investments. We can help you fill your vacancies, reduce turnovers and maintain your properties to protect your investment.

As property managers, we’re committed to delivering peerless service in the following areas:


Optimizing your profit margin begins with making sure you’re always at full occupancy. Our leasing and marketing agents aim to regulate tenancy by reacting swiftly to market trends and promoting your property with strategic advertising placements.


Despite rigorous screening, there are sometimes tenants who fail to comply with the terms of their lease. Our operations team focuses on solving problems with tenants and minimizing risk to the property.


The majority of properties will require some sort of repair work during the year. Our experienced maintenance team is equipped to address the problem in a timely manner while minimizing your out-of-pocket expense.


Running a successful business requires excellent bookkeeping. Our accounting department makes sure all transactions are systematically processed so that when tax time comes, the numbers add up.