Preventing Blight in Property Management Chesapeake VA


Property Management Chesapeake VA seeks to achieve effective property management through prompt rent collections and efficient maintenance. One of the things which property managers prevent is blight, which means the deterioration of the property under their care. This is the main objective of routine inspections.


Virginia’s Uniform Statewide Building Code is being implemented by the Department of Development & Permits of Chesapeake. Among the violations being inspected on the exterior parts of the house are the following: peeling and flaking paint; missing and loose roof shingles; missing and deteriorated siding; broken fences; rusted and loose gutters; unoccupied and open buildings; and missing street numbers. For the interior sections of the house, the following: gas appliances which are red tagged by Virginia Natural Gas, damaged heating systems, poor plumbing, electrical hazards, ceiling damage, missing or damaged smoke detectors, and pest infestation.


These are the things which could be prevented if the rental home owners hire a reliable property management company. Putting up a house for rent entails a lot of responsibilities which could be daunting for inexperienced rental home owners. This is what property managers are good at – they exert their best efforts to maintain the dwelling units in accordance to the city’s property maintenance code.




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