Chesapeake VA Property Management : Boosting Rents


Managers and owners of Chesapeake VA property management are often unaware of some simple things which can be done to boost rental income. Ask any manager who has been in the field for decades, and the answer would be to “look at the property from the tenant’s viewpoint”.


Naturally, every tenant would like to live in a property that is attractive. Smart owners and managers know that one need not spend a great deal of money for earning higher rents. Often there is a great deal of reluctance on the part of the landlords to spend money on the property. The mistake they make is to not understand that such an approach is ‘false economizing’and could lead to the property remaining vacant for long.


Experts in the field recommend the following simple things that can lead you to earn better rental rates:


  • Get the Basics Right-Professionally steamed/cleaned carpets, drapes and touched up paintwork are small, inexpensive jobs that can help create a pleasant impression on the potential tenants.
  • Timely maintenance-Leaking taps, un-mowed lawns and poorly fitting doors are upsetting to existing tenants and can deter potential ones.
  • Bath and Kitchen remodeling-These go a long way in creating an illusion of great ambience. Simple things like attractive door-knobs, well-painted kitchen and new appliances can make tenants feel they are living in an expensive property.


These small things can help you have shorter vacancies and happier tenants.



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