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Baby Boomers are Renting in Droves

Posted on April 25, 2016 in Real Estate Investment
  How Will Residential Rental Investors Make More Money Richmond and Tidewater area residential rental landlords have much to look forward to from the transitioning Boomer generation. Much has been written about the Boomers’ kids, Millennials and their impact on the rental market. Notably, now that the “youngsters” are out of the house, demand for rental units by the “empty-nesters” is accelerating. And that is driving demand for both multi-family ...Read More

Rental Property Buying Opportunities 2016

Posted on February 19, 2016 in Pricing, Real Estate Investment
Residential Rental Property Buying in 2016   As CEO of KRS Holdings - a rental property management firm serving investors in Central Virginia – I am bullish on the purchase of rental properties this year. My experience and analysis of the Central Virginia rental property market supports my conclusion that 2016 presents a nearly perfect climate for rental property investors … one which may not prove repeatable for decades. What ...Read More