Immense Market Exposurein Property Management Portsmouth VA


One of the key factors in the success of any business venture largely depends on its market exposure. In property management Portsmouth VA, rental home owners sometimes worry about the risks of vacancy. However, those who chose KRS Holdings for their property management needs have nothing to worry about. Its property managers are trusted experts in marketing and leasing of residential properties; thereby giving its clients the assurance of a lucrative income in their rental home business.


KRS Holdings maintain an intense media exposure due to its aggressive campaigns. By employing several marketing strategies, a vast number of the population is reached. For example, while other companies would be contented with the generic classified ad section publishing, the KRS team takes the news a few steps ahead. By posting advertisements on social media networks and high-generating websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Trulia, Front Door and Zillow, the properties attract more attention. Moreover, property listings are sent to the 1,200 existing tenants, increasing the likelihood of a qualified candidate transferring to another KRS listed property at the end of a lease contract.


Likewise, by holding a “power open house” event, where multiple prospective tenants are invited to view one property at the same time, speeds up the application process. People tend to have the sense of urgency for fear that they might lose the house which caught their interest, so they apply right away. And lastly, the “For Rent” signs placed on properties often bring out hundreds of phone calls, and become one of the most reliable techniques because the inquiry comes from the people who have personally seen the vacant property.



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