Williamsburg Property Management: How to Remodel a Too-Small Bathroom


Do your tenants consistently remark about how small the bathroom is? Do they feel cramped when they’re brushing their teeth or styling their hair? Is the tub too small to stretch out and relax in? If so, your property’s bathroom may simply be too small, and it may be time for a bathroom renovation. Read on to learn about your options from the pros of Williamsburg property management.


Remodeling a small bathroom takes special consideration. Choose space-saving solutions every time, from the color of the walls to the decorations. For example, mirrors can help open up a small space wonderfully. Pick out light colors in order to make the bathroom appear larger, and use reflective surfaces such as tile, glass, and gloss sheen if you want to paint the walls. By reflecting more light, these types of surfaces make the small bathroom appear bigger.


Modern furnishing with straight lines and multi-purpose furniture and accessories are a great way to conserve space in a tiny bathroom. Every piece should be space-conscious and have storage areas. Do not install cabinets, as they take up too much space. Instead, install open shelves to store towels and toiletries. Sink vanities are great for storage purposes as well as sink support.


Lastly, it may be a wise idea to replace the tub with a shower stall. Because of its tube-like shape, you will definitely save floor space. Many tenants definitely prefer a bathtub; however, and there are slimmer, smaller bathtubs available that will give the bathroom luxury while taking up minimal space.



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