Virginia Beach VA Property Management: Tenant/Landlord Relations


What can Virginia Beach VA property management and the city councils do to improve tenant landlord relations?


For one, the managers can survey the landscape and neighborhoods to ascertain that the renters are living in comfortable surroundings. This can help renters realize that the property managers and landlords are actually taking the efforts for creating a ‘sense of community’.


The city councils can also help in these matters by conducting workshops for landlords annually for helping improve the ‘resident-owner’ relations. These can be kept free of cost and must be open to individual owners as well as commercial/corporate ones.


However, the sad fact is that despite such ‘free of cost’ workshops; landlords are unresponsive and properties are often unman aged and unkempt. This in turn, attracts crime and creates unsafe environment. Homeowners and renters alike should take these issues very seriously. Entire neighborhoods need to welcome and embrace renters and make them feel they are part of the community and not outsiders.


Additionally, recent surveys have shown that corporate owners are more likely to be well versed with the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and also have a good screening and eviction process. Given the state of the economy, many novice landlords are making a foray in this field and are not as particular or familiar with these laws. Such workshops can help newbie landlords to become more aware and open towards these issues.



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