How to Lower Electricity Bills in Portsmouth VA Property Management


High electricity bills become a problem for landlords who take charge of paying for the utilities. Portsmouth VA property management recommends a few tips on reducing electricity bills; so that the money saved can be allotted to better expenditures such as home improvement and maintenance. If the landlord shoulders the utilities, which is often the case in apartment leases, these tips can be useful:


To minimize the costs, all incandescent bulbs should be replaced by CFL and LED bulbs; doing this will lessen the energy consumption by 50%. The house must be sealed from air leaks to maximize heating and cooling efficiency. Inspect if the insulation is still in good condition. Likewise, if possible, the refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, and other household appliances must be at least below ten years from the date of purchase; as newer models are designed to save electricity. Also, the air vents must be regularly cleaned and filters must be replaced.


It would also be wise to set a reasonable consumption limit for each period. This way, the tenants will be more wary of their energy use. Setting a limit means that the tenant will have to pay for any excess consumption; hence the tenant will also be careful when using your appliances too.



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