Portsmouth Property Management: Tips to Lower Energy Bill


The Portsmouth property management companies are urging their tenants to follow some simple steps to help them save on their energy bills. Let us consider some of these steps:


  • Simple things like turning off the lights and fans when not in use can help save a great deal of energy. Additionally, residents can make use of energy saving fluorescent light bulbs as these can help lower electricity bills.These bulbs use 75 percent lesser energy than normal ones.
  • Make use of the thermostat provided on the heaters/coolers; set it a few degrees higher in the summer and a few degrees lower in winters. This can drastically help you lower your energy bills.
  • Always unplug appliances like microwaves, coffee machines, laptops etc, when not in use. These devices keep drawing power. An experiment conducted has shown that residents could bring down their energy bills by nearly 20 percent by simply doing this.
  • Make use of refrigerator door seals to ensure that cool air is not leaking out from the unit. Tenants must also make sure to report such maintenance issues immediately.


Additionally, property managers can use motion detecting or timer-based lights in common areas like laundry rooms and hallways. All these things can help lower the energy bills of the property and also help save our planet.



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