Interior Paint Tips from Portsmouth Property Management Pros

If your rental home has had that same old wallpaper for years now, it may be time for a change. A fresh coat of paint in a classic, elegant color is just the thing you need to revitalize your rental and get tenants excited about living there. Read on to learn more from the top professionals of Portsmouth property management.

A fresh coat of interior paint gives your rental more appeal to tenants. If you’re looking to lease out your property for a steady source of income, you’ll have an easier time with potential renters if you have painted walls instead of those adorned with faded or unattractive wallpaper. Potential renters often see wallpaper (especially unsightly, discolored, or torn wallpaper) as an obstacle they must overcome to make the house their own, making them less likely to rent. An attractive coat of paint, however, will turn the rental into a space in which they will feel more at home.

A new coat of paint also gives your renters a fresh decorating start for their interiors. It’s often necessary for property management professionals to paint the inside of a rental between tenants as it makes new renters feel like they’re starting fresh in a clean home. As long as the colors you’ve chosen are classic and easy to work with, your renters can easily decorate their new home. Whether they prefer modern, eclectic, or traditional design styles, your tenants can work with solid colors much more easily than with patterned wallpaper.

A brand-new paint job also lends your tenants more decorating flexibility than wallpaper. With paint, they don’t have to deal with stripping ugly wallpaper off the walls or lining up new wallpaper, which is an extremely frustrating and time-consuming ordeal. The quality agents of Portsmouth property management can tell you that tenant retention is important, so do all you can to keep your renters happy.



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