Portsmouth Property Management: Pre-qualifying Your Prospects

Pre-qualifying prospects is an important activity in the real estate business as indicated by the experts at Portsmouth property management.  It allows you to determine whether you can meet the needs of the prospects and saves you time and money. It is best to have the conversation with the decision maker. One of your main objectives as an income property owner will be to improve and enhance the quality of life of your tenants through the provision of housing.

You will need to determine the size, features, and amenities that the potential resident is looking for, and determine whether you can provide for those needs. How well the prospect does needs fit with what you have to offer at your rental? Portsmouth property managementalso recommends doing a preliminary assessment of the prospectâ??s financial status and determining the ability to pay. Your rental property may match the prospectâ??s needs but can he afford to pay the rent?

Managing the conversation is extremely important, and it should be a structured and well sequenced discussion. This approach increases the efficiency in which you obtain the information you need to collect. You cannot go wrong with a script. You do not have to stick to every single word in it, but it can help you remain on track with the discussion and assist with keeping both, you and the potential resident well focused.

Some parts of the script can include: greeting the prospect, building rapport, prequalifying and follow-up questions, and closing comments. Try using more open-ended questions to get the prospect talking and giving relevant information. These simple steps can help both, you and your prospect easily along the way.



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