Great Richmond Rentals Reviews

Great Richmond Rentals focuses exclusively on property management, it is one of the only companies in the Richmond area to do so. This means our staff of licensed real estate agents devotes all of their time to managing our clients properties and do not get distracted by trying to broker real estate or other non-related tasks. Here is what some of Greater Richmond Rental’s customers have to say…

Greater Richmond Rental Reviews

“I am grateful to Great Richmond Rentals for many reasons. The owner’s portal is very useful.”
Jodi, Alabama, Client since 2011
“Things seem to run themselves, really a seamless relationship, which works for me!”
LoTonya, Delaware, Client since 2010
“Great Richmond Rentals takes care of everything. It’s a high end property and I don’t worry about maintenance at all. The portal does make things easy.”
Prakash, South Carolina Client since 2016
“They work really hard for me, and they understand the court system. That’s important”
Elizabeth, Charles City. VA Client since 2012
“I only have one home under management. They are very professional. I would recommend them.”
Wayne, Richmond, VA Client since 2015
“They manage five properties for me. They have gone out of their way to help me. I know things are going to get done.”
Elizabeth, Fairfax, Client since 2014
“I’m fairly new at this. I managed my first property myself. Not a good experience. They have taken the pain away.”
Joe, Richmond Client since 2015
“They understand the HUD process. It’s not easy, and I am maintaining 100% occupancy. They care about the property as much as I do, so I trust them.”
Jeff, Midlothian Client since 2012
“Great Richmond Rentals manages a lot of student housing for me, and I maintain 100% rental. We work well together.”
Jim, Maryland, Client for 10 years.
“They got someone moved into my property in one week — and it was a qualified tenant. Client portal works really well for me.”
Christopher, Richmond VA Client for one year
“Their office staff is very helpful. I have multiple complexes so it’s great that vacancies are minimal.”
Edward,  Richmond Client since 2011
“They have turned a modest investment into a terrific investment. And, their fee is reasonable.”
Mike, Florida  Client since 2015

About Great Richmond Rentals

Great Richmond Rentals manages over 1200 rentals in the greater Richmond area. We bring the same passion to each of our clients, no matter whether a rental is in an affordable neighborhood or a high end one. Our passion is to help owners manage their properties efficiently and maximize the return on their investments. Greater Richmond Rentals can help you fill your vacancies, reduce turnovers and maintain your properties to protect your investment.

If you are searching for a Richmond property management company that sees the business from an owner’s point of view, contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you how we can help you meet the financial goals you have for your rental properties.