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Chesapeake Property Management : Signs of a Bad Renter

KRS Holdings - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

One of the most stressful tasks of being a landlord is picking the right tenant. It can be difficult to gauge how a tenant will act once the lease is signed-after all, every prospective tenant has his or her best face on during the application process. However, it's beneficial to be able to spot signs that a tenant will be problematic later on, before you are contractually linked to them. Here are a few red flags that may indicate a troublesome tenant, courtesy ofChesapeake property management. Make sure you look for these warning signs before signing a lease.

  • Rudeness - You should be wary of a rude tenant from the start. If the tenant has left you an email or voicemail, pay careful attention to the tone of the message. Does the prospective renter sound polite and respectful of your time, or does he or she sound impatient and entitled to a response? If a renter takes a rude tone that implies that you owe him or her your time, you should consider moving on to the next prospect.
  • Messiness - Also pay careful attention the applicant's appearance and demeanor when you meet for the first time. Is the applicant clean and well-kempt? If the applicant drives a car, is the car reasonably clean as well? This may be a future indicator of how well the renter treats your property. Again, look for an applicant who is polite and friendly.
  • Incomplete information - Lastly, don't forget to carefully check the prospective renter's information on the application. Does he or she fill out every portion of the application in full? A definite red flag is when an applicant leaves important areas blank such as current employment or rental history. Keep your eyes open, and you're sure to find a great, long-term tenant you can trust with your investment!