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KRS Holdings, Inc. has specialized in Chesterfield property management since 1990. Our guiding principle has always been to maximize the value of our clients’ residential assets, while we minimize their time commitment. Apartments, single family homes, duplexes and commercial properties...all managed with excellence to attract and retain tenants.

Full Service Property Management

Leasing and Marketing

A dedicated leasing and marketing agent will work to ensure that your property is always at full occupancy. By proactively monitoring market trends and promoting your property with strategic advertising placements occupancy rates have the potential to exceed the market average.


The operations team at KRS Holdings is equipped with the necessary skills to effectively execute every day tasks and resolve any conflicts that might arise with tenants.


Our maintenance team has the necessary skills to address problems in a timely manner while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs. You can rest-assured knowing we have property maintenance technicians available year round.


The primary objective of our accounting department is to provide turnkey bookkeeping services to keep your business running smoothly. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your records are professionally managed and safeguarded.

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Residential real estate investors, whether contemplating your first purchase or as a seasoned landlord seeking to expand your portfolio in Central Virginia, be sure to consider Chesterfield County.

Chesterfield County has presented a steady growth in median rents over the last several years to the benefit of savvy residential rental investors. Notably, in the most recent 12 months, landlords enjoyed nearly a 2% bump to $1,201. That increase is coupled with an enviable vacancy rate of less than 2 percent, a significant drop from its peak of 16+ percent as recently as 8 years ago.

The average age of Chesterfield County residents is 37 which helps drive a demand for rentals … now representing more than 25 percent of all housing units in the county.

Real estate investors seek predictability in the location of their property. Recently, the nation’s top three ratings agencies reaffirmed Chesterfield County’s 22-year history of a AAA bond rating. That solidifies Chesterfield’s position among a small national group (1%) of peers able to demonstrate exceptional fiscal conservatism and management.

Additionally, real estate property taxes are at 95 cents per $100 of assessed value. This is in stark contrast to neighboring Richmond where rates jump 26 percent higher at $1.20 per $100 of assessed value.

Chesterfield County’s economy is largely industrial based. Forty-one international companies have operations in the county which include, Capital One, and Honeywell International. Those employment resources provide significant job opportunities within the county. Additionally, Chesterfield County is attractively located providing an easy commute for those who work in the city.

The attraction for residential rental investors is a diverse economy hosting a stable mixture of government, financial, education and manufacturing sectors. Additionally, a welcoming temperate climate plus access to a variety of outdoor activities along with social, cultural and educational offerings prove to be major attractions to tenants.

KRS Holdings, Inc. has specialized in Chesterfield property management for almost two decades. Be sure to talk to one of our local property managers before you purchase your next property to get rental analysis. Our team of dedicated agents are devoted to helping fill your vacancies, reduce turnover, and protect your investment of your rental property. Our guiding principle has always been to maximize the value of our clients’ residential assets, while we minimize their time commitment. It is because of this passion for property management that we now manage over 4,000 units over the commonwealth.

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