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VACANCY – The Single Most Dreaded Word for Rental Property Owners

That’s because vacancy is a greater expense than repairs, maintenance and upgrades combined.

KRS Holdings will relieve you of the fear of vacancy, plus help you enjoy the benefits of secure cash flow, growing property value, minimized costs and increased profits.

You will be assigned a dedicated leasing agent, with a proven track-record, to exclusively secure qualified tenants for your rental property. Your occupancy rates will significantly exceed the market average … as will your rental revenue stream and profit margins.

YOU WIN – From our No Vacancy Marketing Strategy:

Here’s how your occupancy quotient will surpass market expectations. The supporting platform is a five-planked, intensive marketing approach to fill your rental unit pipeline.

1. Ads

Your listing will be promoted to our thousands of existing tenants. Results: Exposure to a renter pool with a proven track record as quality tenants – Many move to another KRS managed property when their lease is up.

Results: Hundreds of new applications every month. The more applications, the better choice of quality tenants to decide from.

2. Existing Residents

We bombard rental websites such as Zillow & Trulia, as well as social media platforms with advertising for your property.

Results: A faster vacancy time with a tenant that has a proven track record of paying rent on time.

3. Power Open Houses

Sense-of-Urgency is the motivating theme. Multiple prospects are invited to review a property at the same time.

Results: Competition to lease is heightened to hasten applications and speed up tenant approval.

4. Signage

KRS Holdings places several hundred “For Rent” signs throughout the areas we service-prompting many phone calls to KRS leasing agents and property managers.

Results: Half of all callers rent a KRS property … if not the one they called about – another.

5. Group Think

Every week, KRS leasing agents brainstorm ideas to promote and succeed in filling rental vacancies.

Results: The goal of “No Vacancy” is advanced by concerted efforts to share and leverage each other’s experiences, thoughts, and successes! An added plus is that your lifestyle will remain unaffected by the day-to-day needs of your rental property.


Richmond’s residential rental housing market has been a boon for investors. In large part this continues as a function of a diverse economy hosting a stable mixture of government, financial, education and manufacturing sectors.

Additionally, a welcoming temperate climate plus access to a variety of outdoor activities along with social, cultural and educational offerings prove to be major attractions to retirees and millennials … two major sources of renters.

As the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond boasts a historically low unemployment rate of less than 3 percent and an annual household income of $50,000 … both evidence of a strong job sector. These robust figures have persisted in recent years resulting in residential real estate landlords enjoying current monthly rents hovering around $1,100 … reflected in annual rate increases of about 2.3 percent coupled with an enviable vacancy rate approximating 5.5 percent.

KRS Holdings, Inc. has specialized in Richmond property management for almost two decades. Be sure to talk to one of our local property managers before you purchase your next property to get rental analysis. Our team of dedicated agents are devoted to helping fill your vacancies, reduce turnover, and protect your investment of your rental property. Our guiding principle has always been to maximize the value of our clients’ residential assets, while we minimize their time commitment. It is because of this passion for property management that we now manage over 4,000 units over the commonwealth.

Areas We Service

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