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Are you looking to hire a property manager in Woodbridge, VA?

Are you looking to hire a property manager in Woodbridge, VA? If so, then check out KRS Holdings!

Since 2007, KRS Holdings has been helping property owners reach their investment goals and run a smooth rental operation. We have offices located in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Hampton, and Arlington.

For more than a decade, rental property owners have trusted KRS Holdings to take care of their numerous investment properties. We have a full range of property management solutions designed to optimize rent income, whether you own a single-family home, apartment, duplex, or commercial property.


As your Woodbridge property manager, we’ll employ effective practices when marketing, screening tenants, collecting the rent, and maintaining your property. You can benefit from our local expertise, many resources, and network. You can also gain peace of mind knowing that a professional property management team is running your rental property.

When you have a vacant unit, you can leave the marketing to us as we find a great caliber of tenants to occupy your home. We’re swift, decisive, and strategic in advertising and screening and selecting tenants. We’re also highly focused on resolving property issues and setting up the right systems to make your property a convenient home for your tenants.

single-family home in va

We believe in our property management services so much that we offer many guarantees. Here are our property management guarantees:

  • Happiness Guarantee: We aim for satisfaction and provide a free, no-hassle cancellation with a 90-days’ notice.
  • Property Management Results: We get paid once we bring in results, doing all the work upfront.
  • No Hidden Fees: We are transparent and don’t collect account set-up fees or property reservation fees.  
  • Leasing Guarantee: If your tenants leave before the 6 months minimum tenancy, we’ll handle tenant replacement for free. 
  • 21 Day Rental Guarantee: We pledge to lease your rental in 21 days or less. If we’re unable to find a tenant, your 1-month management fee is free.

Reach out to KRS Holdings now at (571) 620 6771. You can also visit our website for more information on our Woodbridge, VA property management solutions.


For Woodbridge rental properties, KRS Holdings will provide custom property management solutions in marketing, tenant screening, property maintenance, and rent collection. 

Here are some of the Woodbridge, VA property management services we offer to our clients:

1. Marketing of Your Rental Property

A vacant Woodbridge property means you won’t be meeting all your financial goals for that period. As your property manager, we at KRS Holdings can maximize your income by using strategic advertising to attract new tenants right away.

We put up ads, market on popular listing sites and social media platforms, hold open houses, set the best price based on the market, reach out to our network, and install “for rent” signs in front of the properties. We even offer a 21-day leasing guarantee to show our full commitment in getting tenants living in your investment property as quickly as possible. 

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2. Tenant Screening

Finding suitable prospective tenants for your Woodbridge rental home is necessary to ensure the success of your investment property. Screening is an important stage to determine if a prospect matches your standards. 

KRS Holdings conducts a detailed screening procedure where the potential tenant’s rental history, employment, income, credit score, and eviction history are examined. We are experienced in screening applicants, making it an efficient process, which ultimately helps increase the odds of finding great tenants.

3. Rent Collection

Part of owning a property in Woodbridge, VA is facing the potential risk of tenants being unable to pay the rent. KRS Holdings' property managers send the right notices and assist in the eviction process if it comes to that. 

As your property management company, we set up an online portal for rent payment, prioritizing the convenience of the tenants. They can easily pay anytime or any day they wish. We remain firm in sticking to the payment policies stated in the leasing agreement.

4. Property Repairs & Maintenance

In order to keep up the value of your Woodbridge, VA rental home, you must focus on proper maintenance. KRS Holdings ensures that building safety and health safety standards are religiously followed.

Our residential property managers strive to provide tenant satisfaction and landlord protection. When minor maintenance issues spring up, we have a full-time in-house maintenance team who addresses the problems immediately. We always guarantee transparency in repair costs. 

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5. Financial Reporting

KRS Holdings is a reputable property management company that provides accurate financial reports.

As a property owner, you will have access to an online portal where you will find all your financial documents. During tax season, clients gain more peace of mind knowing their documents are in order.

Woodbridge is situated in Prince William County and is bordered by Occoquan and Potomac. Woodbridge is located approximately 20 miles from Washington, D.C. Locals enjoy living in Woodbridge, VA for its many amenities, including huge shopping centers, quality schools, nearby hospitals, and more.

IIt also has a variety of transportation systems, making commuting easier for locals and tourists. Those who work in major cities near  Prince William County can go home to the tranquil Woodbridge, VA suburb after a long day.

In terms of recreational opportunities, Woodbridge, VA residents can enjoy natural attractions with a lot of parks and wildlife habitats located here. Here are interesting places to see in Woodbridge, Virginia:

  1. Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge
  2. Rippon Lodge Historic Site
  3. Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail
  4. Mason Neck State Park
  5. Neabsco Regional Park
  6. Veterans Memorial Park
  7. Leesylvania State Park
  8. Pfitzner Stadium
  9. The Irene V Hylton Planetarium
  10. Potomac Mills

Source: Wikipedia

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