Property Management Company Serving: Arlington, Hampton Roads & Richmond, Virginia

Successful property management is based on simple math: Add value to your assets, subtract unnecessary expenses.

Clients of KRS Holdings have enjoyed the benefits of this equation to property management for well over a decade – enhanced bottom-line plus peace of mind … knowing that your property is well managed to attract and retain tenants.

As a property manager for lenders and property owners throughout Virginia and Washington DC, KRS Holdings will meet and exceed your property management needs whether for:

  • Apartments
  • Single family homes
  • Duplexes
  • Commercial developments, and
  • Office buildings

An added plus is that your lifestyle will remain unaffected by the day-to-day needs of your rental property.

Your requirement may be as a rental property investor seeking professional assistance in managing your real estate assets. Alternatively, lenders often call upon KRS Holdings for aid in managing or selling a foreclosed property.

Whatever your property management needs may be, KRS Holdings stands ready to serve. Give us a call or drop us an email today. It never costs anything to talk!

Northern VA: (703) 254-5812 | Hampton Roads: (757)-349-7566 | Richmond: (804)-554-3197

Virginia Property Management - KRS Holdings

KRS Holdings has been headquartered in Richmond, Virginia for more than 10 years. Serving the Richmond, Tidewater, and Northern Virginia regions, we specialize in management services for residential properties, as well as in services for investment property owners in real estate management, leasing, contract administration and accounting.

We are one of the few property management companies in Virginia that focuses exclusively on property management. Our staff of licensed real estate agents devotes all of its time to managing our clients’ properties and are not distracted by trying to broker real estate.

I worked with Lynette Carpenter and she gave me so much information that I needed to know. Very knowledgeable and she was a very kind person. I highly recommend anyone to work with her.
David Harris
13:56 06 Nov 19
I want to highlight 1 person in particular, Radiance Cooper has been my saving grace with the management of my property and relationship with KRS. If it were not for her, I would have left some time ago. If possible, I would suggest everyone get the opportunity to work exclusively with Radiance, or a referral directly from her. Thanks again for your awesome response time and action.
Monty Greene
17:35 13 Aug 19
I love working with KRS Holdings to manage my property! Radiance Cooper has been awesome with a my questions since I’m so new to the process. I couldn’t ask for anything else. I feel completely at ease knowing that they are handling everything for me. I think they have found themselves a longtime client!
Maria Sanchez
18:57 09 Aug 19
Working with a property management firm is new to me as I’ve just stepped into the investment property world, but I came to KRS Holdings because a colleague referred me to Radiance Cooper after she helped them with their rental properties. Radiance is extremely knowledgeable and she responds to my questions and concerns in a timely manner. She’s also super organized which makes my life so much easier!
Stacey Meadows
02:15 09 Aug 19
What’s not to say about Radiance Cooper! Working in customer service for many years I have high expectations for the customer service I receive. Radiance delivered top notch service and made sure she followed through from start to end. She was prompt and attentive to my time and worked with my crazy schedule which took some of the pressure off off and created a long term client as a result. If you are in need of assistance then reach out to Mrs. Cooper!
harold minor
00:33 09 Aug 19
Great experience, Radiance Cooper was very attentive and friendly even when a few things on my end didn't go right. Thank you for helping me and my family out when we needed you. Big thanks for taking the time out to do extra work to ensure everything went right. We appreciate it!! You are a Class Act Mrs. Cooper!
Shannon Tilley
15:16 08 Aug 19
Great experience, Radiance Cooper was very attentive and friendly even when a few things on my end didn't go right. Thank you for helping me and my family out when we needed you. Big thanks for taking the time out to do extra work to ensure everything went right. We appreciate it!! You are a Class Act Mrs. Cooper!
Shannon Tilley
15:16 08 Aug 19
Customer service is a thing of the past anymore. People forget that customers/clients are what makes your company successful. So, when I called with some questions and Radiance Cooper answered the phone - my faith in quality customer service was restored! She is a ray of sunshine! She was extremely helpful, answered all of my questions and is a true testament to what customer/client service is all about. The world needs more people like Radiance! Keep up the good work, Radiance and KRS Holdings! With her on your team, you'll do great things!
Amanda Dyson
14:58 08 Aug 19
KRS Holdings makes having a rental property very easy to manage. The process is seamless, and I can sit back at relax. Radiance Cooper has been amazing at making this process as easy as possible for me. She is patient with making sure I understand my statement. I call often, and she’s always available to answer any questions or concerns I have. Thank you Radiance!
Mark Thomas
14:11 08 Aug 19
As a homeowner, I have used KRS Holdings for almost 5 years and I haven't had too many complaints. Lately I have been working with Radiance Cooper and she has been a heaven send. She always answers when I call and she's excellent with following up when I have a concern about my property. James who is the manager has been extremely diligent with keeping my home rented which alleviates a lot of my headache. Thanks for all that you guys do for me!!
Lkeira Johnson
20:55 07 Aug 19
First place that's felt like home! KRS has been great! Maintenance team does a good job. Diane is super nice to work with and really works hard to get things done for us!
Danita Jones
15:35 27 Jun 19
I am constantly having to relocate due to my job and have leased with many companies. KRS has been the best thus far. I rarely had any maintenance issues but for the few that I did, Diane was the person I loved calling. I felt like my concerns were heard and that she truly cared about her job and making sure tenants needs were met. She does an outstanding job and I hope to be here for a while.
Grace Denby
13:16 27 Jun 19
I called with a question for the maintenance staff and Pat answered the phone. She was the most polite and helpful person I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all of my questions right away. I wish everyone in any sort of customer service position was as great as she was!
Miranda Stevens
22:25 26 Jun 19
Great apartments and nice community feel. Laura K. Makes sure all maintenance is handled promptly. She had our AC fixed with in hours of breaking and even brought us ice cream cones while the repair was being made! 5-star service!
Corey Kneeland
20:11 26 Jun 19
Maintenance. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the experience I have had renting from KRS. Diane has the best attitude, is efficient in ensuring that issues, even when simple, are attended to. KRS has a great team! Thanks guys!
Alyssa Payne
18:00 26 Jun 19
Our first experience at KRS Holdings turned out to be a great time. Due to Rosemary Salinas. She was able to give us her full attention and I knew right off the bat, that's she's diligent in her work. My partner and I appreciated that and her kindness. Kudos to you all at KRS Holdings.
Green Hippos
15:42 26 May 19
I usually don’t write that many reviews, but Rosemary Salinas was so nice and hospitable that I had to give credit where it’s due. Rosemary at KRS Holdings greeted me with me with her warm personality, great smile, and visible dedication to her job and the clients. Interacting with Rosemary was honestly one of the highlights of my day and I look forward to seeing her on my next visit!
Kerry Paige
13:37 24 May 19
James helped get our property rented quickly for an acceptable price. He is quick to respond and available to answer questions. Radiance has also been very helpful!
Julie Simpson
03:07 23 May 19
I have had KRS managing rental property for me for 5 years now. I have worked exclusively with James Bristol for leasing. James has consistently been great to work with. He has found tenants quickly for all of my properties in order to minimize vacancies, and was also able to get rents up to market at several properties I had not been focused on prior to hiring KRS. My experience with James is that his customer service is excellent. He is always available, day or night, and even when he is on vacation! I appreciate James’ professionalism and the level of support he provides to me as an owner.
Kimberley Lipp
22:03 20 May 19
Worked with James Bristol on securing a property in a pretty time sensitive situation. He was so helpful and understanding. Had a lot of properties to choose from and was able to get me exactly what I was looking for very quickly. Really appreciated him going above and beyond. Haven't had any issues since move in and am very happy here.
Jennifer Montgomery
15:28 20 May 19
Great experience, very attentive and friendly even when a few things on my end didn't go right. Thank you for helping me and my family out when we needed you. Big thanks to James Bristol for taking the time out to do extra work to ensure everything went right. We appreciate it!!
Brandon McPherson
19:05 17 May 19
I have used them a few times over the years. For myself and have referred two friends. Jim Jones and James Bristol have stood out to me the most. Both have been quick about finding me and my friends places and were flexible even though I have a crazy schedule.
Branden Brown
18:53 17 May 19
Jim Jones was a pleasure to deal with.He was very professional and polite and knowledgeable about helping me find a suitable tenant for my property.I would definitely refer Mr. Jones to any one who needs assistance with property management.
Rosalynn Bui
17:40 16 May 19
My experience with this company was wonderful! All of my needs and expectations were met. Big thanks to Jim Jones for everything he did to accomplish my needs!
Ayisha Jones
14:15 16 May 19
My experience with this company was wonderful! All of my needs and expectations were met. Big thanks to James Jones for everything he did to accomplish my needs!
Ayisha Jones
14:12 16 May 19
The apartments are priced really well. The staff is always available when you need assistance. I just found my apartment with the help of Reece Gordon. He is one of the their leasing agents. He was very helpful, always picked up my calls right away, and helped me find a good apartment that is within by budget. If anyone is looking to move into a new place I would highly recommend getting in contact with him.
Eliza Adhikari
02:03 16 May 19
I needed to find a home for rent for my family. James Bristol worked tirelessly to find us the perfect house. It is beautifully maintained, meets all of our requirements, and is a priced fairly. I hope to be in this home for a while, however if I need to rent a house in the future, I will not hesitate to call James and get him on the case.
22:31 15 May 19
I called James Bristol to ask for a 4 bedroom house in a decent school district. He immediately directed me to a beautiful house in a highly rated school district. The application process was painless and he was responsive to questions. We're moving in this weekend! I'd definitely recommend James Bristol to anyone looking for a new home.
Abigail Adams
22:29 15 May 19
James Bristol went above and beyond to help a client family find safe, affordable housing in Hanover. They and I are very grateful!
Helen Hardiman
19:24 15 May 19
Jim Jones is great! he’s always helpful. He helped me find my first apartment and every time I have a question or issue he’s always there to answer. Very professional and always take care of business.
Ok Najah
19:22 15 May 19
Erin Hall with KRS Holdings I am the great Richmond rentals has helped me tremendously with my finding solutions and helping me get back and stay on track with my apartment, love working with her when she’s on site.
John Smith
18:30 15 May 19
Don't usually bother to do reviews, but after being SO frustrated trying to find a good place in Richmond, I'm glad I was able to connect with Reece Gordon. Working with him was straight-forward and easy and I was able to find a place that suited my needs.
Barbara Johnston
18:22 15 May 19
I am currently looking to move to Richmond Va within the next few months and I was referred to KRS Holdings. I called and spoke with the property manager Sonia Walters, she was very knowledgeable and so pleasant , she answered all my questions. It great to know that there are people who still know how to give great customer service !!!1Thanks you to Ms Walters i can't wait to meet you in person.
Marion W
14:57 25 Sep 18
Wonderful experience with Lynette Carpenter. Always professional and pleasant to work with. She is very knowledgeable about the KRS Holding facility and the brand. I have always had exceptional service from them.
Shonda Benjamin
14:56 25 Sep 18
I have come in contact with numerous tenants who have expressed gratitude with the way they were treated by Sonia Walters at Colorado Manor/KRS Holdings. i.e. "She is so helpful, and really seems to care about people." " Ms. Sonia is very professional and takes care of business."
Ronald Walters
14:20 25 Sep 18
Paul Lizotte knows exactly how to make a couple feel welcome. We are trying to sell our home (Empty nest syndrome) and looking for an apartment. He did an awesome job. KRS Holdings you have a great guy there don't loose him!
Martin Thrall
13:59 25 Sep 18
Paul Lizotte was a delight to work with, he works for KRS Holdings Inc!! I had a very positive experience, and I will be spreading the word to all my friends. Thank you so much Paul
Sara Cook
13:14 25 Sep 18
KRS Holding INC did a great job. I worked directly with Paul Lizotte, the only suggestion I have is to maybe paint the inside of your apartments. Other than that everything was fantastic. Very friendly, great area.
Olivia Moore
13:02 25 Sep 18
Paul Lizotte with KRS Holdings Inc was superb!! He was very friendly, he answered all my questions with confidence, and he also went above and beyond to ensure I found the fit for my family. I will continue to do business with Paul Lizotte.
Jasmine Stancil
12:48 25 Sep 18
Paul Lizotte with KRS Holdings was a delight to work directly with. Actually everyone was very friendly. The apartments I was shown were very clean. Would give 10 stars if I could
Greg Whitley
12:42 25 Sep 18
When we decided to move into a new house and wanted to rent our old home we didn’t know were to start. Jamie Bright with KRS came over and explained the whole process and made it extremely easy for us. He handled it from start to finish. Couldnt have asked for better results.
Brian Gionra
12:41 25 Sep 18
Rebekah Arroyo is awesome. I have lived in my apartment for about three years and she has been here for two. She has a welcoming personality. So much that I can talk to her about more than just my apartment needs. She exemplifies what a good property manager is. For this reason, I want to thank KRS Holdings. Please keep up the good work.
Kel Chanel
05:48 20 Sep 18
Management and Owners have a wonderful way of assisting their current and potential tenants. The atmosphere is warm and embracing. Paul Lizotte has been great to work with.
W Howard Myers
14:18 18 Sep 18
Rebekah our is very diligent and firm. She ensures that any repairs I need are handled . If I have a complaint or concrern she is there with a listening ear. I hope the residents continue to work with her on the positive changes being made. Nice place to live comforatably.
Kimberly Britt
18:54 17 Nov 17
I had an awesome experience with Ashley Claridy. From the initial phone call she exceeded my expectations and met everyone of my families needs in searching for a new home. She assisted me with making sure we found the perfect place, stayed in contact and followed through with everything she said she would do. I honestly feel like I may have called/text her way to much but she never seemed like it was an issue and was always so pleasant. I'm really glad I got the chance to work with Ashley, she's the absolute best at what she does! Thanks Ashley and KRS Holdings.
Tiana Smith
22:29 30 Aug 17
I'm absolutely smitten with how smooth the renting process has been with KRS Holdings. Ashley was super helpful to adjust her schedule in order to show me the house and also very genuine when describing the layout of the home - which I greatly appreciate!Conveniently they also provide the ability to read over and sign your entire lease online which makes it easy for someone like myself to save each document to my cloud for later reference. I texted Ashley after noticing a slight issue with one of our agreements and she called nearly right after to correct the issue over the phone with me. Seriously, the process of renting with KRS has been super convenient and stress free!
Allie Loving
22:29 30 Aug 17


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