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Are you looking for a property management team in Fairfax? Consider the benefit of working with a trusted property management company like KRS Holdings!

KRS Holdings is one of the best property management companies in the area! KRS Holdings is the firm to call for rental property management. Our property managers specialize in managing single-family houses, apartment complexes, and multi-unit rentals, thanks to the experience and knowledge of our team of residential property managers.

Our property management firm cultivates positive relationships with our landlords and tenants. Everyone feels respected and appreciated when their needs are adequately met. We offer many property management services, including tenant screening, rent collection, lease agreement administration, property maintenance, marketing, lease renewals, and more.

Wish to work with a dedicated property manager? We would love to help you manage your properties! Helping clients is what our property managers do best. Contact us today to learn more about our residential property management services!


Our Property Management Services

KRS Holdings provides a complete range of services to ensure that our client's property management needs are addressed. Our goal is to deliver the best property management services that will help every investment property owner lower their stress and increase their ROI.

Here are some of the services you can benefit from when you let us manage your Fairfax rental property:

1. Tenant Screening

When you have a vacant Fairfax rental property, it’s normal to want to fill it with a tenant as quickly as possible. But before you can accept an application, you must screen a prospective tenant. 

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You want quality tenants living in your rental. This is a tenant who will pay their rent on time, adhere to the lease agreement's provisions, and take good care of the investment property.

To find such qualified tenants, a thorough tenant screening process is crucial. However, most landlords lack the necessary tools and resources to conduct a tenant screening. That’s why our residential property managers are here to help!

Our property management team implements a comprehensive screening on potential renters that includes a background check, income assessment, job history check, social security verification, sex offender screening, and rental history screening.

Note that our tenant screening services abide by the Fair Housing Laws as do all our other property management solutions. 

2. Vacancy Marketing

You need to develop property marketing strategies to assist in finding tenants and establishing an effective rental process. To market your rentals, a Fairfax property manager will take photos and create a virtual tour of your house to highlight its important features.

As your property manager, we'll also be in charge of arranging open houses and putting up rent signs to maximize your investment property's visibility to potential tenants. Our commercial and residential property management firm utilizes a marketing approach that blends a digital marketing strategy with a traditional marketing one.

3. Maintenance, Repairs and Inspections

As the landlord, property maintenance ensures that your investment is kept in good working condition and in accordance with local and state regulations. On the other hand, for the tenants, a well-maintained residential property makes them happy. Satisfied tenants will always pay the rent on time and respect the unit.

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Our property management agency also employs a preventative maintenance strategy. We regularly conduct inspections of your properties. When a problem is found, we handle the property repairs in a timely manner.

Tenants can also make maintenance requests if they find an issue with the Fairfax rental property. They can fill out our online maintenance request forms, email us or call us. We also handle all professional property repairs for you! In an emergency situation, tenants can contact our Fairfax property management team at any time of the day or night.

4. Rent Collection

At our property management business, a dedicated property manager will handle collecting rent for you.

We make sure all tenants have paid their rent and enforce late fees on those who haven't. If a tenant fails to pay rent in accordance with the lease, we start the legal eviction procedure. With our professional property management solutions, our clients can trust that they'll receive prompt rent collection. 

5. Evictions

While our Fairfax property management team rarely deals with evictions, they can happen. If there are difficult tenants in your property who aren’t paying the rent on time, or who aren’t abiding by the terms of the lease agreements, a property manager will handle the eviction process.

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We understand the Virginia eviction laws and know how to legally and successfully evict a tenant. Our professional property managers stay up to date on any new changes in the law. You can rest assured that the procedure will be followed in accordance with the law. 

Fairfax is frequently considered one of the best areas to live in Northern Virginia because of its superb schools, gorgeous parks, and booming economy.

Residents appreciate the gentle pace of the suburbs without having to travel too far from Washington, D.C. 

Living in Fairfax, VA is pleasurable, with plenty of possibilities for families and young professionals, thanks to its mix of lovely historic buildings, growing downtown area, and year-round cultural attractions.

On the other hand, Fairfax's housing and rental market is extremely competitive. Although there aren't many new rental properties, it is in high demand due to the good quality of life and location.

Fairfax is home to some of the greatest educational institutions in the country. The City of Fairfax owns and operates public schools overseen by the Fairfax County Public Schools system. Students in Fairfax graduate on schedule, and many students intend to continue their education after high school.

Fairfax's diverse dining scene includes everything from local eateries and casual national chains to fine dining and international cuisine.

Fairfax Corner is a mixed-use shopping area that features both national stores and local boutiques in a main street setting.

Living in Fairfax, Virginia, gives you access to a variety of enjoyable activities for both outdoor and indoor enthusiasts.

Source: Wikipedia

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