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Are you tired of the long hours of self-property management and looking for a reliable property management company in Chesterfield County to take over? KRS Holdings is the company to rely on! 

We are a full-service property management company with more than a decade of experience in the local property market. Our team of property managers has the practical industry knowledge to attract and retain quality tenants, maintain the rental property in good condition, and ensure that you attain your real estate investment goals. 

From our experience managing property in Chesterfield County, we can appreciate how diverse each property and its needs can be. That’s why we always customize our property management services to meet the demands and needs of property owners and their tenants. KRS Holdings will offer you a tailor-made package that will comprehensively cover your investment property. 

KRS Holdings is the property management business that you have been looking for. Our resources, personnel, and experience in property management will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy the benefits of property leasing. 

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Our Range of Chesterfield County Property Management Services

KRS Holdings has been the go-to company for all your property management needs for many years. Our clients located in and around Richmond enjoy access to a wide range of property management services. 

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Some of the property management services we offer at KRS Holdings include: 

Property Inspection and Maintenance

You want your property to be in the best condition possible all year round. However, this requires that you put in the work to regularly inspect the property and promptly respond to maintenance requests made by tenants. Not every property owner has the time, experience, or expertise to handle these responsibilities. Luckily, you can call KRS Holdings and let us handle your property’s maintenance on your behalf!

We will design a regular inspection schedule that allows us to check on the property regularly and identify any defects. The result of the inspection will be summarized in an inspection report which will be forwarded to our maintenance team. They will promptly address any issues found during the inspection. 

Even with such a proactive way of handling property maintenance issues, there is always the possibility of emergencies. That’s why we at KRS Holdings maintain a 24/7 communication channel so your tenants can reach out to us at any time. 

Rent Collection

As a Chesterfield County property owner, your goal is to get your rent on time and in full month after month so you can earn passive income. This allows you to meet the property costs, pay off your loan, and also budget for other financial needs. 

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The team at KRS Holdings will handle all your rent collection needs. We will take care of sending out reminders, enforcing the terms of the lease agreement, and the actual collection & processing of the rent payments. 

Even with our numerous protections in place, there is the possibility of late rent payers. Thankfully, we have a well-trained team of property managers who will handle the issue in a professional manner to ensure that you receive your payments in full. 

Eviction Management 

While property owners want to avoid it, eviction is inevitable when it comes to property leasing. You might have found a quality tenant who initially adhered to the terms of the lease agreement but over time their ability to follow through on their responsibilities may have changed. 

An eviction must adhere to the provisions found in Virginia Landlord-Tenant Laws. KRS Holdings knows the laws inside and out and can guide you on how to handle the legal eviction process. We will file the relevant paperwork with the local authorities, liaise with law enforcement, and rekey the property once it is vacated. 

Financial Reporting and Accounting

For you to understand the financial performance of your investment property, you will need detailed accounts of your income and property expenses. Thankfully, you don’t need to hire an accountant when KRS Holdings is your property manager. We offer a detailed financial reporting solution as part of our property management package. 

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Our financial reporting service includes detailed breakdowns of income & property expenses. We also store all records that support financial data including invoices, maintenance reports, lease agreements, warranties, and more, as well as annual reporting for tax purposes. 

Our team of property managers can also handle payments to other third parties such as insurance companies, mortgage lenders, and local authorities. 

For those considering making the move to Richmond, one of the ideal places to live in Chesterfield County. Chesterfield is located some 20 minutes to the north of Richmond. With its sparse population, tree-lined streets, and charming atmosphere, the area is well-regarded.

For those with a love for the outdoors, the number one outdoor attraction in the area has to be Pocahontas State Park. The expansive park is the ideal place for hiking, picnicking, biking, or swimming. 

Chesterfield County is known for its welcoming nature. Part of this can be attributed to the diversity of the demographic in the area. The county is also a draw for many families thanks to the quality of public schools in the area. Some of the notable public schools in Chesterfield County include James River High School, Midlothian High School, Cosby High School, and Clover Hill High School. 

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Areas We Service

If you have a real estate investment property in any of these areas, contact us today! Our property management team would love to offer you our services and help you increase your ROI, while decreasing your stress.