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Portsmouth Property Management: Characteristics of Tenants to Renew

KRS Holdings - Monday, February 29, 2016
  One of the keys to successful Portsmouth property management is retaining good tenants and avoiding high turnover. Your major goal as a property manager is the consistent renewal of leases with model tenants to control costs. A person that keeps the property clean and tidy, pays the rent on time, and provides timely feedback on maintenance issues is an ideal tenant. Hopefully, you have incentives in place to incite the good tenant to stay, this way you control expenses in effective Portsmouth property management.   One of the key characteristics of a good tenant is the ability to pay the rent on time.Once your tenant meets this criterion, you surely want to renew the lease. Tenants who provide you with timely feedback on maintenance issues put you at an advantage.If you catch the problem on time, you will avoid large costs associated with maintenance issues, which escalated because of lack of timely repairs. A good tenant is one who effectively takes care of the property by cleaning and even beautifying the place with flowers and simple updates.   Keeping a good tenant is a key feature of a sound Portsmouth property management system. Developing a tenant-retention program is a strategic move that includes the provision of incentives to encourage a good tenant to renew the lease. This retention program should yield the following outcomes: the tenant feels appreciated; the tenant perceives that he has a good relationship with the landlord, and the tenant believes that his most important needs are being met.