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Property Management in Hampton, VA: Checking References

KRS Holdings - Monday, February 29, 2016
  Unless you have hired property management in Hampton, VA to take care of your property management tasks, it falls to you to screen prospective tenants. This includes checking up on the references that potential renters provide. Here are some tips for completing this process properly.   After your prospective tenant has filled out the rental and credit check application, you must verify their references, among other pieces of information such as credit and rental history. When verifying references, you should be as thorough as possible. You will want to call the prospective tenant's last two landlords to verify the applicant's rental history. It is a red flag when the application doesn't match up with the information provided by the previous landlords or property management companies. Of course, if the dates are off by a few weeks, this is not a big deal, but if there are significant discrepancies, your applicant may be misrepresenting his or her rental history.   If your prospective tenant lists an individual owner instead of a property management firm, you can verify this easily by checking the public records listings of homeowners on the Internet. Next, call each reference and verify to whom you are speaking and the dates of tenancy of the applicant in question. Some landlords require a written form to complete with the authorization of the applicant.   Does this sound like too much hassle? If so, you're among many property owners who could benefit from having someone else do the heavy lifting. Simply call the pros of property management in Hampton, VA to learn more about what we can do for you.