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Should I Rent My House Furnished?

System - Thursday, February 16, 2023
Property Management Blog

As a landlord, you’re likely contemplating whether or not you should furnish rental space to attract more renters.

Renters take into consideration what amenities you provide. To remain competitive, property owners now provide property upgrades and continue to keep their units comfortable for renters. They also do this to inspire loyalty from their current tenants.

A lot of renters are looking for furnished rentals since they get to save money buying and moving furniture and appliances. It’s common for students, tourists, and those looking for short-term rentals especially to seek furnished properties since their budget is limited and it’s much more comfortable to stay in a furnished property.

This article will go over the pros and cons of renting out a fully furnished rental property to help you decide what the ride move is for you. 

What Should a Fully Furnished Rental Look Like?

If you plan to furnish your property then you need to budget for purchasing the necessary items. Typically, tenants can expect to see the following in furnished units:

  • Dining areas are equipped with a dining table and chairs.
  • Kitchens containing appliances such as a stove, refrigerator, and oven. Some landlords also go a step further and include a microwave, coffee maker, and toaster. Others will provide cooking utensils and dishware.
  • Living rooms furnished with a sofa, coffee table, TV set, and other furniture.
  • Bedrooms furnished with a bed, cabinet, and nightstand.

Depending on the property owner, additional pieces can be added such as lamps and art that make the interiors of their furnished apartment more attractive.

living room with a blue couch and two framed paintings above it

What Kind of Tenants Are Attracted to Furnished Rental Units?

Different types of tenants seek furnished rentals. A majority of them are students, young professionals, and tourists who prioritize convenience. Some are also prospective tenants planning to move to a certain area but want to experience what it’s like before becoming full-time residents.

A lot of furnished rentals attract travelers who prefer accommodations other than costly hotels. They also attract people who are staying for a short period in a designated area. This way they don’t have to bring a lot of belongings. 

In addition, moving into a furnished property is also made more convenient since they won’t need to hire a moving company to transfer their belongings back and forth. This leads to more savings than if they were renting unfurnished rentals.

What are the Advantages of Furnished Rentals?

Here are some of the advantages of renting out furnished rental property:

You Have the Potential to Earn More

Since you furnished the property, you can assign a higher rental rate. But be cautious and study the market first. If you set the rental price too high, you might lose out to competitors. At the same time, refrain from pricing so low that there’s no return on your investment.

You can Request Higher Security Deposits

Since your unit contains furnishings, it’s understandable that you’ll be exposed to more risks in terms of property damage. It’s essential to request more protection by asking for a higher security deposit. 

person in a green shirt counting American twenty and fifty dollar bills

So if an appliance malfunctions, you can send it for repairs and be reassured that there’s a budget to pay for it if the reason for the breakdown isn’t due to normal wear and tear.

Less Exposure to Property Damage Due to Moving

Given that you’ve already equipped the long-term rental home with furnishings, there’s little reason for the renter to haul their huge furniture. This reduces the risk of property damage caused by transferring large objects into the unit. Your rental space is spared from scrapes on floors, dents on doorways, and marks on walls.

Attracting a Variety of Renters

Since a wide demographic can be targeted for furnished rentals, you have more marketing opportunities. You can aim at vacationers or choose to serve students and professionals if your rental is near the central business district area.

What are the Disadvantages of a Furnished Rental?

The following are some disadvantages of renting out a furnished rental:

Requires Sizable Initial Investment 

In addition to overseeing property maintenance, a landlord also needs to perform routine inspections of your furnishings to determine if they need to be repaired or replaced. In case there’s minor damage, you can promptly have it fixed to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Since you’re investing in furniture for your rental, you want to protect them through preventive maintenance. It’s also recommended to include a clause in your leasing agreement on the subject of addressing tenant-incurred damages.

traveler in a long coat pulling a suitcase behind them

Renters are Looking to Occupy for a Short Duration 

Your furnished rental is bound to attract residents who plan on staying less than a year in your unit. As a result, you need to double down on your marketing efforts

Students are likely moving out when the school year ends. Professionals will also move back once their contracts in the area are completed. While you charge to earn more from the short-term tenancy, you need to have short vacancies or preferably, no vacancies to maximize your rental income.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Furnishing Your Rental Property

Before furnishing a unit, a landlord should consider these factors:

Where Your Rental Home is Located

Survey the nearby places in your neighborhood. Are you near schools, tourist spots, or the business district? If you are then you’re more likely to find tenants looking for a furnished unit. 

You should state the nearby convenient places in your ads as well as the fact that the Virginia property comes furnished.

Potential Tenants

See what the common demographics in your area are. This will be the tenant base you’re likely to be interacting with and should be taken into account before furnishing the rental unit. 

papers with market trends written on them and a magnifying glass to see numbers better

Market Conditions

Furnished rental properties can generate a higher income but you should first see if your target market can pay a higher rental rate. Assess current economic trends and base rent on that.

Bottom Line

Though a furnished rental space can elevate your rental income potential, it’s advisable to perform research beforehand to protect yourself from over-investing. If you would like help managing your rental properties, contact the property management experts at KRS Holdings today!