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Tips to Keep Your Home (and Investment) Safe

System - Monday, March 27, 2023
Property Management Blog

Your rental property is more than just a place to live, it’s a substantial investment that must be safeguarded. When you rent out your home, maintaining its security and safety is crucial to protecting your investment. 

Home security includes protecting your property from potential risks and hazards like fires, floods, and natural disasters and preventing burglaries. You can lower the possibility of property damage, keep your tenants safe, and preserve the value of your investment by adhering to a few straightforward steps. 

In this article, we at KRS Holdings will advise you on how to keep your house safe and secure:

Install a Security System

A security system installation is a reliable way to safeguard your home and deter potential burglars. A reliable security system typically combines cameras, motion sensor lights, and alarms. The motion sensor lights will pick up any movement in and around your home, and the cameras will capture any suspicious activity. When the sensors can notice any unusual activity, an alarm will go off, alerting you and anyone nearby. 

A monitoring service that will alert the authorities during a break-in or other emergency can also be connected to a security system. Installing the security system in a prominent location, like the front door and easily accessible windows, is crucial to discourage potential burglars.

close up of a windows interior locking system

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Lock and secure your windows and doors, especially when no one’s at home. Think about replacing your current locks with more secure models, like deadbolts or smart locks that can be operated from a distance. 

Use a dowel or a security bar to stop sliding doors from opening because these are frequent entry points for burglars. You can deter potential intruders and stop break-ins by ensuring your doors and windows are securely fastened.

Keep Your Property Well-Lit

A crucial component of home security is maintaining good lighting on your property. Deterring burglars and other potential intruders can be easier with adequate exterior and interior lighting. You can be alerted to any unusual activity and deter potential intruders by installing motion sensor lights in less visible or vulnerable locations, such as the sides and back of your home. 

Additionally, you can give the impression that someone is home by using timers to turn on interior lights when no one’s home. It can be especially helpful when your property’s vacant for an extended period. 

Having well-lit outdoor spaces can also help prevent accidents and injuries because it makes navigating your property at night easier. For maximum security and safety, invest in high-quality lighting and strategically place them throughout the rental.

person spreading fertilizer on the grass in their backyard

Maintain Your Yard

An overgrown yard poses a potential security risk in addition to being an eyesore. Burglars frequently target homes with messy yards because they make great hiding places and indicate that people aren’t likely around to care for them. Ensure your yard is well-maintained by routinely trimming shrubs, trees, and bushes to avoid this.

It would help if you also considered adding a fence to ward off potential intruders. While a fence can be a physical barrier to prevent unauthorized access to your property, it can also provide tenants with more privacy. By taking these steps to maintain your yard, you can make it less inviting to potential burglars and improve the safety and comfort of your rental property.

Be Careful with Social Media

You and your tenants should be mindful of the information shared on social media to ensure the safety and security of your rental home. Posting pictures or information about vacation plans or noting that the property is unoccupied can make your rental property a potential target for burglars. It's easy for them to monitor social media accounts and determine when a home may be empty, leaving it vulnerable to theft or vandalism. 

Therefore, it's crucial to avoid sharing this information online. By being cautious about what you or your tenant post online, you can reduce the risk of burglaries and keep your rental home safe.

semi sheer curtains layered to provide privacy while still letting light in

Keep Valuables Hidden

Protecting your valuables is crucial, especially if you're renting a furnished property. Burglars tend to target houses where they believe they can find valuable items such as electronics, jewelry,  quality furnishings, and money. To prevent theft, it's essential to keep these things hidden and avoid leaving them out in the open. 

Consider hiding them in a drawer or cabinet. You can also invest in shades and blinds to make it harder for people to see into the property. 

Have a Plan for Emergencies

It’s essential to have an emergency plan in place to protect your home and tenants. It's crucial to have a plan that outlines what to do in the event of a fire or other disaster. Everyone staying on the property needs to be aware of this plan and talk about it to know what to do. 

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are mandatory in your rental home. Regularly check them to ensure they're in good working order. 

Bottom Line

Although it takes work to keep your rental home safe and secure, the peace of mind it brings you and your tenants is priceless. You can safeguard your investment and guarantee the security of your residents by implementing the advice provided in this article. 

KRS Holdings can also help you if you require additional assistance keeping your rentals secure. Our years of experience in property management give us the knowledge you need to keep your rental investment safe. Contact our team at KRS Holdings to learn more about our property services!