Quality Norfolk Property Management

At KRS Holdings our Tidewater office specializes in property management in Norfolk. We offer professional Norfolk property management that will help to protect your investment and make life easier. KRS Holding pride’s itself in being one of the top property management companies in Virginia, and our Norfolk property managers are sure to get the job done for your property management needs in Norfolk.

As Norfolk, VA is home to 86,210 households and the 2nd largest city in Virginia we know that managing multiple properties is no easy task, but with our expertise in the Norfolk market we are prime to make property management an easier task for you. Contact us today, we’re here to protect your investment and make your life as a property owner easier.

Our list of Norfolk Property Management Services include:

  1. Leasing
  2. Rent Collection
  3. Lease Development and Ratification
  4. Maintenance Services
  5. Bookkeeping
  6. Resident Management
  7. 24/7 Availability
  8. Turn Service

To find out more information on our Norfolk property management services click here.

OR you can contact us directly for your Norfolk property management needs, please contact:
Contact Email : kstephenson@greatrichmondrentals.com
Contact Phone: 757-528-5247