Landlords are legally required to provide rental property that is livable and meets basic structural, health and safety standards. There are also very real financial incentives to protect and enhance the value of the property investment for the owner.

KRS Holdings takes maintenance matters most seriously … to ensure tenant satisfaction and landlord security. Evidence of that is our commitment to a full-time maintenance coordinator to orchestrate maintenance solutions to satisfy tenants, owners and service providers.

Uniquely, KRS supports a full-time in-house maintenance division. That means relatively minor repairs are done by our team … minimizing owner costs and accelerating service response times for tenants.

For more complex maintenance issues, KRS relationships with a network of preferred subcontractor vendors fills the bill at pre-determined special discount rates … of course, with savings passed on to you, the property owner.

Whatever your property management needs may be in the Greater Richmond and Tidewater regions, KRS Holdings stands ready to serve. Give us a call or drop us an email today. It never costs anything to talk!